Redefining luxury one laid-back 
wedding at a time.

That’s where I come in!

Scaling a mountain or taking a helicopter to a glacier sounds crazy exciting, but you don’t have to travel to the far reaches of the world to have a non-traditional wedding day (although I’m totally down if you are!).

No, you’re seeking a high-vibe, fun, and welcoming experience, one that puts you first, celebrates the season of life you’re in right now while immortalizing memories for your future children + grandchildren.

The wedding planning process hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows like you thought it would be and photography is just one of the areas you’re freaking out about. 

So far, you haven’t found the wedding photographer for you, someone who gives you a great experience that’s intimate (even if you’re inviting 75 of your favorite people) and totally chill, helping you reconnect to each other in the madness of planning your wedding.

You want to break the mold, forge your own path, and celebrate your best day ever in laid-back luxury without the mega-stress that comes with planning all the details. 

Candid, intimate wedding photography for relaxed couples.

Are you ready for photos you’re high-key obsessed with? Let’s do this!

I’m on a mission to redefine luxury wedding photography through a heartfelt, high-end experience that results in photos that anchor you to the people and places of memory, years after the moments that made you. 

Above and beyond means something different to me. As your photographer, I do everything I can to help you celebrate your love, enjoy your wedding experience, and anchor you to your most-valued memories.

There’s nothing I love more than teaming up with amazing humans like you!

Hey, I’m Michaella, a wedding photographer for unconventional, fun-loving humans celebrating their best day ever.

“She stepped up to the plate when some last-minute changes (including the weather) came up at the time of our engagement photos. She had plenty of ideas and a backup plan to her backup plan to make sure we had the most gorgeous photos. When it came time for our wedding, Michaella went above and beyond. She worked with us to create a timeline and to coordinate the day to go smoothly. Along the way, she certainly had my back as the bride when it came to things being exactly what I wanted. Our entire family and bridal party were so impressed by how helpful, friendly, professional, and downright fun she was. Our photos turned out perfectly. Michaella truly saw my vision and helped me document it so I can save it forever. 10 out of 10, 5 stars, however, you rate her, she is 110% the best. She is definitely my forever photographer.”

Danielle + Mitchell

“To say I was blown away by her work and her commitment to making my vision come to life would be an understatement.”

“I couldn’t possibly dream up a better photographer to have for a wedding. “Photographer” isn’t even the right word. More like wedding planner, side kick, nerve calmer, bouquet holder, dress bustler, you name it! She’s this little built in *sober* best friend for your wedding day, seeing as though your real best friends aren’t usually sober. Michaella constantly has your best interest at heart. She’s never pushing her own ideas or her own timeline on you. It’s like she’s trying to get inside your brain, see your wedding day exactly how YOU see it, and then somehow makes it happen!... I look at my wedding photos every single day because they are BEAUTIFUL and they captured the day to a T!...  I can’t possibly talk more highly of The Richardson Collective. If you’re on the fence about who to choose, definitely reach out to Michaella. After one phone call you’ll know who to choose."

Cathryn + James

“I’ve been looking forward to writing a review on Michaella since the first phone call we had with her!"

“Michaella has shot our proposal, engagement session, and will be shooting our wedding and any other major life milestone or any possible occasion we may need a photographer (if she will have us!!). She is one of the kindest, most talented, and hilarious humans we have ever met. She made us feel SO comfortable and SO loved throughout our sessions and I will be forever grateful for the amount of respect and professionalism she showed us. Her quality of work and ability to get the perfect shot no matter what she has to do to get it are truly unmatched. The sneak peeks you will receive that will make your heart race are ABSOLUTELY a foreshadowing of some of the best dang photos of yourself you will ever receive!! You will have our business and our recommendation for LIFE!!”

Sara + Bryan

“The best dang photos of yourself you will ever receive!!”

“I cannot recommend Michaella enough! She goes above and beyond for her couples throughout the entire process! She does everything she possibly can to not only make sure she provides you with beautiful images of your special day but to also make sure you have the most perfect day possible! You can fully relax and enjoy your day knowing she is going to capture every single moment!”

Madison + Paul

“Looking back at our photos is like reliving the day all over again!”

You deserve photography that is guided by your one of a kind love and that captures you in your unique brand of amazingness.