I’m here for the couples who are a little non-traditional, deeply in-love, and who want to do their wedding their way.

At The Richardson Collective, you’ll find that luxury doesn’t have to be stuffy. Together, we’re redefining luxury as relaxed, connected, and structured around what brings you joy. 

If you’re obsessed with love and want a next level experience, you’ve found your wedding photographer. Stick around to learn more about me!

A wedding photographer  who’s pumped about meeting amazing humans, telling stories, and celebrating love.

Hey, I’m Michaella!

xx, Michaella

It’s my mission to anchor you to your most valued memories through photography, community, and education. I'm here to photograph the firsts and the lasts. To capture moments that your children and grandchildren will admire for years to come. To preserve your favorite moments in time and seasons of life so you can always look back  and remember.

As I grew up, moved on, and traveled to new places, I kept losing the people and places of my past. I wanted to remember, to hold on, to look back on memories of the moments that made me. I learned that we don't always value a photo as it's being taken; we value it after the people and places of memory are long gone. 

Over the years, I’ve learned that we anchor ourselves to people, places, and things. Then they change and there’s nothing to remember them by but the photographs we take in our minds and on our cameras.

Oh, and one more thing... I love to travel.

Every moment is a serendipitous event meant to be celebrated. That’s what I’m here for!

I’m OBSESSED (repeat, obsessed) with partners who help each other with the little things on their wedding day. There’s something so sweet about a couple brushing their love’s hair out of their eyes, wiping their happy tears, or picking up their dress. I just MELT.

I got engaged and married during the pandemic. Trust me, I know the challenges of planning a wedding from both a photographer’s and a couple’s perspective. I’m here for you!

I grew up on an ostrich farm in a really (really) small town.

I am a doctor of clinical science in occupational therapy and love working with individuals of all abilities.

I’ve always been multi-passionate. A former pageant girl and cheerleader, now a photographer, educator, and occupational therapist, I’ve tried it all.

I will never turn down a coffee date,  tacos and margs, or a meet up at any place that serves smoothie bowls and juice.

My husband and I have five fur babies so don't hesitate to bring  yours to your session (or even your wedding day)!

More About Me...

Want to hang out and make some magic?

While I’m based in Buffalo, NY, I will always travel for my humans and for love. From California to Georgia, Texas, and beyond, I’d love to travel to your destination wedding or elopement!

My favorite thing about this job is meeting amazing humans like you. Let’s celebrate your moments together.